Our home break in – and getting the window repaired

My name is Kiera Loheed, I am a mother of three and my husband is in the military, meaning he is constantly away from home for training and other work trips. Because my husband is away so much, we have a lot of security in the home. Unfortunately, security doesn’t always deter people from attempting to break in.

One night, my husband was away for training, and I was reading in bed after making sure the kids were asleep. My heart jumped into my throat as I heard glass smashing downstairs, and the alarm began to sound. By the time I got all of the kids into my room, our security provider called and sent over a police officer. Whoever attempted to break in had taken off.

Once the police came I got the children back to sleep and swept the shattered glass into a pile. I really didn’t know what to do, it was nighttime and I didn’t think that anyone would be open to fix the window. I called my husband and told him what happened, and he called a glazier referred to us by his colleague.

To my relief, I didn’t have to wait until morning for someone to come and fix the window. Someone was at the house within an hour to replace the broken window. Not only was he professional and efficient, but he was very comforting, considering I was still shaking when he arrived.

If someone wasn’t able to come until the morning I can guarantee that I wouldn’t have slept at all that night. Fortunately, the window was fixed and the glazier made sure that it was strong and secure so that I could feel that my family was safe and I could sleep. I can honestly say that if someone breaks into your house, don’t wait to make the call, getting someone in right away will give you the peace of mind to sleep through the night.