Coloring and Meditation

We’ve talked about meditation a lot in this blog. I’d love to cover another method of meditation that has recently gained a lot of popularity. You might have noticed a lot of coloring books for adults recently and psychologists everywhere are talking about the great benefits of coloring. Even waiting rooms in mental health facilities have now offered their visitors with boxes of coloring pencils and variety of coloring pages to choose from.

Why is Coloring so good for meditation?

While you color a page you begin to focus on the lines, the colors you want to use, the effect you want to create and your worries and daily thoughts go on the back burner. Before you can even notice, you become completely silent focused on your drawing, perhaps thinking about many different things but not really reacting to any of them.

The reason for this is that repetitive movements and actions done while coloring help the mind reach a state quite similar to the one achieved during meditation practices. This is why more and more adults are opting for taking aside some time to color a page or two on a coloring book.

The most peculiar effect of coloring books for adults is that it brings them back the memories of when they were children without worries and responsibilities. Life was much easier and simpler. The mere action of remembering these times while coloring relaxes their minds and lowers the stress levels.

There’s really not a perfect or preferred book for coloring. Coloring books for adults tend to use zetangle and mandala style drawings, themed colored books with more intricate designs get published and sold daily. However, if you don’t have the money or simply don’t prefer these books, any coloring book will do.

There’s also many websites of line that offer free coloring pages for your to print out, these range from coloring pages for kids to coloring pages for adults.

However, it’s not exactly the drawing you choose to color, it’s the action itself of sitting down to color the page that will help you reach a state similar to that of meditation. So, grab a box of coloring pencils and, go color my friend!