Tips for buying clothes online

Buying clothes online is great specially if you’re body conscious and want to avoid entering and exiting a dressing room without absolutely nothing to buy while feeling like everyone is judging you…even if they aren’t. Thing is that buying good clothes online can be expensive and buying cheap ones can end up being a waste of time and money in the end.

From experience and a little online research, I’ve come up with some tips to help you in your future online fashion adventures.

Be mindful of size charts: many websites either fail to offer reliable size charts, give misleading measures so that most people think they’re buying the right size or fail to properly point out size differences.

The most common issue is the European size or Asian size confusion with American sizes. Asian sizes tend to be so small that a XXL Asian sized shirt will only fit a 5-10 year old in America.

If a store doesn’t has a size chart, message them and request one. If they have one, read all the details and compare them with general size conversion charts online.

Look up for reviews and store-hauls online: many fashion bloggers do store-haul posts or reviews on e-commerce websites after their experiences with them. Now, don’t just read any website, make sure these are people who have a reputation for offering trustworthy blog posts not just someone that will write anything as long as they’re paid or receive a commission based on referrals.

Avoid the “awesome offers”: instead, do your own calculations and figure out what discounts you can use. Most of the time, websites give discounts that are meant to make you waste much more money than what you initially planned to spend.

Impulsive shopper-proof technique: so, you have already found the items you need and maybe even some items you don’t need but you just want and like…a lot. What I do when the websites don’t have a shopping cart that saves the items until your next visit is save the links to the items in a word document.

A day or two after, I go back to the list a review it but with my budget in mind. More than half of the time, I end up spending much less than I initially would’ve if I had bought after my first visit to the website.